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Meet Teague

Teague was taught this sacred medicine by Eliot Cowan, Elder Shaman and author of Plant Spirit Medicine. Teague has been called to hold space for indigenous ritual and ceremonial healings.

She dedicates her life in restoring human connection to Ancient Wisdom and developing awareness and connectedness as the roots of her clients' lives.


  • Indigenous Shamanic Traditions

  • Five Elements Chinese Medicine

  • Plant Spirit Medicine 

  • Hawaiian Shaman Medicine

  • South American Shaman Medicine

  • Native American Shaman Medicine 


My Approach

"I became a shaman not because it was my will, but because it was the request of the ancestors for me to be a healing conduit for people and animals. My calling has sent me through various initiations where I have developed sacred relationships with the energies and powers of the non-ordinary world.

I have faced severe challenges with this calling - breaking the grasp of the ego and facing ultimate releases of limitation, rigidity, and the stories of the mind. Answering my calling was a life-changing event for me. It was a calling I knew I had to step in and embody, and fully become. I knew I couldn't walk away from this pure service to the people, animals, and ancestors.

Health challenges caused by illness, injury, and accidents, often severe, are considered untreatable. Shamans end up going through many life crises as preparation for healing others, as they learn to share understanding and compassion with their clients.

The medicines are coming to us each and every day, and it is important that we continue to learn, offer, and stay connected to them and to the people and the animals that come into our care. My calling as a shaman is not just my life's mission, it IS my life. Indigenous medicine is in my blood. In all relationships that I have, the sacred is the premise. It is the foundation of which I have committed to walk everyday."

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